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Highways Portfolio 2

Feltham Town Centre Improvements (Hounslow)

Northern Section Concept Design Sketch

Feltham Town Centre Improvements

Southern Section Concept Design Sketch

Feltham Town Centre Improvements

Before and After Artistic Visualisations

Compliance With Conservation Regulations

Church wall rebuilt on new alignment

Site Clearance

Setting Out

3D Model of Wider Road and Steeper Ramps Presentation for Utilities to Appreciate the Extents of Works Required

3D Model of Signals

3D Model of Drainage

3D model of gullies and pipes along the new ramp

3D Model of High Street Carriageway Space Usage

Typical Sections through High Street

Van Gogh Walk (Lambeth)

Numbered Stepping Stones

These play stones for children have numbers marked from 1 to 10 on them to help with learning to count.


Wavy Ramp

Seating Planters


3D model of circles
Construction of the circles

Setting out

Leica Total Station was present on site throughout the construction
Mesh of string lines to get proper levels and slopes

Assembly of various design elements

Herne Hill Regeneration (Lambeth)

Scheme Overview

Park Fence and Gate Setting Out

Fence Plinth Setting Out

Fence Fabrication Design

Park Entrance Setting Out

Entrance to Brockwell Park

Entrance to Brockwell Park

Entrance to Herne Hill Train Station

Park Fence and Gate Design

Green Grove Mini Holland (Waltham Forest)

Consultation Drawing

Photoshop Visualisations

Westminster Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Hounslow Fence Replacement with Hedge

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