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Digispark Pin 5 Reset Fuse

On Chinese clones of Digispark, you may find Pin 5 not working as expected. This is because Pin 5 is configured as a Reset pin.


AVRDudess is a GUI for AVRDude, which you can download from here.

Connecting Digispark to USBasp

Digispark — USBasp
P0 ———- MOSI
P1 ———- MISO
P2 ———- SCK
P5 ———- RES
5V ———- VCC

Reading Fuses

Interpreting current fuse settings and calculating new values

In AVRDUDESS you have to select the Programmer (-c) and MCU (-p) first. Then you can Read the current Fuse settings.

You can click on Fuse settings, which takes you to this website. Entries on this website are interactive, you can type the current settings of fuses as E1, DD, FE as read in previous step and the table below. If you tick the RSTDISBL to disable the External Reset, the fuse settings values change to E1, 5D, FE as shown below.

Writing Fuses

Change the high (H) fuse value from DD to 5D and click Write. This will disable the reset function from P5, making it available for control through program.

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