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Radio Frequency Spectrum

DescriptionShort FormLowest FrequencyHighest Frequency
Extremely Low FrequencyELF03 kHz
Very Low FrequencyVLF3 kHz30 kHz
Radio Navigation and maritime/aeronautical mobile9 kHz540 kHz
Low FrequencyLF30 kHz300 kHz
Medium FrequencyMF300 kHz3000 kHz
AM Radio Broadcast540 kHz1630 kHz
Travellers Information Service1610 kHz
High FrequencyHF3 MHz30 MHz
Shortwave Radio Broadcast5.95 MHz26.1 MHz
Very High FrequencyVHF30 MHz300 MHz
Low Band: TV Band 1 – Channels 2 to 654 MHz88 MHz
Mid Band: FM Radio Broadcast88 MHz174 MHz
High Band: TV Band 2 – Channels 7 to 13174 MHz216 MHz
Super Band: Mobile/fixed radio and TV216 MHz600 MHz
Ultra High FrequencyUHF300 MHz3000 MHz
Channels 14 to 70470 MHz806 MHz
L-Band500 MHz1500 MHz
Personal Communications ServicesPCS1850 MHz1990 MHz
Unlicensed PCS Devices1910 MHz1930 MHz
Super High Frequency (Microwave)SHF3 GHz30 GHz
C-Band3.6 GHz7.25 GHz
X-Band7.25 GHz8.4 GHz
Ku-Band10.7 GHz14.5 GHz
Ka-Band17.3 GHz31.0 GHz
Extremely High Frequency (Millimeter Wave Signal)30.0 GHz300 GHz
Additional Fixed Satellites38.6 GHz275 GHz
Infrared Radiation300 GHz430 THz
Visible Light430 THz750 THz
Ultraviolet Radiation1.62 PHz30 PHz
X-Rays0.30 PHz30 EHz
Gamma Rays0.30 EHz3000 EHz

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