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This is one of the Chinese boards that come with no documentation when you buy them from Amazon or Ebay. So to get it up and running in Arduino IDE, you need to download the supporting files for it. To do that, read the help here:

Add or remove third-party boards in board manager

Go to File>Preferences:

Arduino Preferences

Now click the highlighted button for Additional Boards Manager URLs:

Additional Boards Manager URLs in Preferences

Add the following address in the dialogue box that opens. If you already have other addresses there, enter it on a new line. All addresses need to be on a new line of their own.

URL for espressif boards that don’t come as default with the Arduino IDE

Add the URL in the highlighted textbox
Enter the URL and click OK
Finally click OK for the Preferences dialogue box

Now go to Tools>Board:… >Boards Manager ….

Go to Boards Manager…

In Boards Manager type esp32 which will bring up the esp32 package, click Install (internet will be needed):

Add esp32 support

Once the package is installed, Close the Boards Manager:

Close Boards Manager once the esp32 package is installed

Finally go to Tools>Board:…>ESP32 Arduino> and select the board you have:

Select the board you have

Now connect your board through USB to your computer. Windows should automatically install some drivers and then you can pick the new COM port that appears from Tools>Port>COMx

Pick the COM port that appeared after connecting your board
Lora32 T-Beam board

The GPS didn’t work, tried some GPS Resetting programs that I found online, but nothing made it work. Returned both units to Amazon.

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