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Public Consultation

Public consultation for Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme (NEP) won the national award for public engagement in 2013. One of the exhibitions from this consultation is documented below.

Exhibition Location

Wheatsheaf Hall


Banner on the outside to help people find the exhibition.

Engagement team member at entrance for signing visitors in

Entrance to the exhibition

Bringing different teams from the council

Visitors often have general complaints regarding issues that are not directly relevant to the scheme being exhibited. Members from other teams like street cleaning, waste collection, highway repairs and maintenance, parking enforcement, parks etc can be present. Their presence provides insulation to the scheme being exhibited from negativity towards the council because of other issues.

Presence of other teams helps

Invite ward Councillors and portfolio holder

Making children happy makes everyone happy

Displaying construction material options

Present a materials palette

Provide refreshments

Use Post-it notes to get comments on options

Engage with local schools

Gather children’s views and display at the exhibition

Engage resident groups

Encourage local resident groups to take part in the process, gather views from their neighbourhood and present their ideas at the exhibition

Use projector to run slide show of ideas and information

Signpost everything

Encourage residents to discuss their ideas with each other

Prize draw for participants

Small prizes were given to participants in adult and children’s categories by portfolio holder at the town hall

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