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Engineering Quadrants

Engineering Quadrants

Quadrant 1

Abdul Azim 07827858855

Quadrant 2

Laddy Hilsden 07949636862

Quadrant 3

Bill Wiggett 07990638214

Quadrant 4

Larry Hilsden 07949636862


AutoDesk ReCap Pro

This software can build 3D models from photos taken from different angles. When you sing in to your Camden AutoDesk account, it seems that both the software and service entitlement is included:

ReCap Photo service entitlement has been taken away , but it doesn’t show in the account.

I got it installed. It asked from Desktop Connector to be installed too. When I tried to process some photos as a test, it said I had no tokens!

I went back to the online account, and clicked on “Access” button under ReCap Photo service entitlement – it’s a broken link. Doing further searches revealed that they have taken away the service and now want at last £300/year for the service.

Service entitlement has been taken away, and you have to buy Flex tokens now

Drawing Assets

Free CAD Blocks Drawings | AutoCAD Blocks in DWG files (

To do

Create button for 2D wireframe and conceptual view

Install slope analysis


Squashed view on small Dell monitors

The smaller Dell monitors (1908FP-BLK model, can see it on the top when you press the menu button) was showing a squashed picture. Tried automatic settings and factory reset on the monitor, and various resolutions from the laptop, but none worked. Quite an unusual problem.

Finally figured out that it works fine if you change the refresh rate to 75Hz (default was 60Hz) in advanced settings.



Topo Surveys


CD Surveys Ltd Contact: Andrew Larch

Survey quality: quite poor – perhaps can improve with a survey brief.


Crowndale Centre, 218-220 Eversholt Street, NW11BD – nearest tube station: Mornington Crescent 263 A4200 – Google Maps


Bike Hangars

Length along kerb: 2.6m


Camden’s IT Service Desk on 020 7974 4321


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