"Eddie Stobart" LST doing construction material deliveries on behalf of "Aggregate" to construction site in Wandsworth, causing chaos on residentail streets

Articulated lorry dragging a car along

The new longer Eddie Stobart trial lorry gets stuck in Southport

More Details

Articulated lorry rear swing over entire footpath, hitting properties

Damage caused by articulated lorries

Articulated lorry stuck behind Lambeth Council offices in Brixton

Articulated lorry knocking down a lamp column

Sat Nav guided Articulated lorry getting stuck in narrow streets and damaging railings

More on Sat Nav issues for HGVs:

End of the road for those satnav trips to nowhere: Councils given new powers to reclassify unsuitable routes - Daily Mail

Video: Jack-knifed lorry causes chaos in Barnstaple High Street - North Devon Gazette 24

This does not happen only in tight city streets:

Halfords articulated lorry wedged between stone walls

Sat-nav directions leave lorry wedged in Bristol street - BBC

A Kent parish council is considering paying for signs with a red line struck through pictures of a lorry and sat nav

40-tonne lorry stuck in narrow Cornwall lane in Devon hitches a lift

Would longer HGVs have more problems on roads like this?

Residents from Old South Lambeth Road have complained about regular damage to vehicles by articulated vehicles turning on this small road.

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