10 mph Children's Route

As part of Oval NEP, extensive consultation was conducted with school children to identify what issues they faced when coming to school and what improvements they would like to see. Children produced several maps showing their walking routes to the schools, highlighting areas where they felt difficulties, e.g. crossing a road, and also shared ideas about what they would like to see in the streets.
After analysing all the data, it was felt that the best way to make streets safer for children and to encourage them to walk to school would be to create a network of "Children's Routes". Children raised the issue that cars were too fast and intimidating, which gave the idea to reduce the speeds to 10mph on these children's routes.
Discussions were held with Department for Transport (DfT) and the local Police to explore the idea, and they were both supportive. DfT advised to send a case for introducing the 10mph limit for authorisation, and the Police offered to deploy two police officers to patrol the children's routes at school times.
Majority of the residents also supported the idea during consultation.

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