Welcome to my website. My name is Haibat Abro. You will find information here related to my work, views, hobbies, research, etc. I have owned this site since 2005, and recent site access logs have indicated a huge shift towards mobile devices. The older site layouts were designed with desktops and laptops in mind, however they tended to be too heavy and harder to navigate on the phones and tablets. Therefore I have redesigned this layout from scratch with large buttons for navigation, taking inspiration from the application navigation models on mobile devices. The main menu is always in the top row with square colour coded buttons that also have icons incorporated. On the left is the sub-menu, in the same colour as the parent button on the main menu, and where I have more items in the sub-menu as in the STREETS menu, then it can take over the entire space under the main menu to display the options.

What I write here are my personal views and do not necessarily reflect those of my employers. I do use this website to publish work related information from time to time in good faith for public benefit, especially when it takes too long or the corporate comms process is too complicated to put it on the official website.

The site is still under development, and you will find many pages that haven't been filled up yet.
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