Bonnington Square Piazza

The idea for a Piazza between the Italo cafe and the Bonnington Square pleasure garden was put forward by James Ahmed and James Fraser during consultation for NEP. James Ahmed is a local draftsman and inventor, and James Fraser is a local Landscape Gardener. James Ahmed prepared the original concept drawings, and also carried out many consultation exercises along with James Fraser. There were few concerns raised by some residents about the loss of parking as a result of this project, but over all it received majority support. A basic construction design was prepared by John Baines of Haswell Associates to ensure proper drainage and vehicle tracking. Later on, the planters were added to the design during construction, by James, James, and myself. James Fraser has also added some plants and trees in the new planters. This is the latest addition to community-led environmental improvements in partnership with Lambeth since 1984.

New Bonnington Square Piazza

New Bonnington Square Piazza

Bonnington Square Piazza Opening Ceremony

Bonnington Square before

Project Client: London Borough of Lambeth
Project Manager: Haibat Abro
Project Designers: James Ahmed, James Fraser, Haibat Abro, Haswell Associates
Construction Contractor: FM Conway
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